the short story

Artist Hoards Supplies

And decides she maybe shouldn’t do that…

Sure, you need to save a lot of things to inspire & supply your works – but it’s also very nice to actually have room to make the things.

And so, the artist, Deanna Dahlsad, begins to plow through the dragon’s hoard of creative gold and make it available to other folks who also like to make the things.

Like her art, a lot of these bits & bobs for sale are on the odd side… And she is rather obsessed with junk journals and paper arts, so ephemera abounds in baskets and bins. Like-minded makers will certainly enjoy those! But there are still traditional pieces too, such as retro 1970s embroidery kits; books on oil, acrylic, & watercolor painting; vintage publications on sewing clothes, quilts, and other fabric and textile arts.

In addition, Fargo-Moorhead’s Quirk Shop stocks the unique and cute contemporary craft kits – items not found on Amazon. Such finds include kits for felt creations and mid-century style embroidery sets.